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We MAKE SENSE of the COMPLEX environment
Market Context
- Define Ecosystem
- Macro Trend Analysis
- Competitor Analysis
- Strategy Chessboard
- Business Games
- Strategies
Our Market Analysis answers some of the following questions


- How do I define the boundaries of the ecosystem?
- Who are the players?
- How is value migrating within the ecosystem?
- What strategic Control Points can be employed to ensure long term profit?
- What is the history of key players? Where do they come from and how have they arrived where they are today?


- What trends are specific to the ecosystem?
- What are the broader trends?
- Are there parallels in other ecosystems?

Strategy Chessboard

- How do I create an actionable frame for the opportunity?
- What segments are the most attractive?
- Where will we be allowed to extract profit?

Business Games

- What are all the potential business games within the ecosystem?
- What strategies are available within each one of those business games?
- What strategies are available to me?