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The Starcher Group is a virtual network of practitioners, thinkers and veterans of mid to senior level executives, we help senior leaders understand where to play and how to play across their industry and ecosystem, and beyond. We help (re)frame businesses, find new directions and launch new ventures. Clients seek us out when their traditional levers lose effectiveness and they are interested in moving beyond linear extrapolations of the past. We seek out senior leaders and businesses where we can deliver meaningful change.

Founded in 2011 as a solo practice, we have worked hard to develop a consultant network that brings the right expertise to client engagements. In 2014, we started reaching out to other consulting firms where we could extend their capabilities and enhance the value that could be offered.

Our network has locations in Chicago - IL, Denver - CO, Minneapolis - MN, Philadelphia - PA, Portland - OR, Phoenix - AZ and Mumbai, India.


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  • While leading large businesses and organizations I sometimes felt that I was at risk of operating within an echo-chamber reflecting my own ideas or recycling the organization's conventional wisdoms. Innovation and business insight require challenge to the status quo and external stimulus.

    Over a number of years, organizations, and companies I looked to Bruce to help me avoid the trap of group think and to enable scenario planning based on new ideas and alternatives. In this capacity Bruce ran various projects in service to me and my team. The focus of his work spanned many areas and reflected his versatility. He took on initiatives including market analysis, organizational redesign and transformation, corporate social responsibility, portfolio analysis and SKU optimization, business strategy and competency analysis, and business model innovation.

    Bruce's ability to synthesize and integrate across business ecosystems, business models, and complex organizations helped me to make better decisions and lead organizations toward better outcomes. I found his approach to be collaborative. This enabled an agile approach in exploring an objective and multiple solution scenarios as we brought each other along and ultimately an organization enabling effective and sustainable implementation.

    Bruce is a great partner for any CEO or any C-level executive seeking to think different.Kriss Kirchhoff, Retired President Public Company
  • Bruce's depth of knowledge on business models and his ability to connect industries and verticals together is incredibly impressive. Under Bruce's guidance and support my team and I were able to cut through all the noise and come out on the other side with a clear idea and streamlined story to share about our business. However, what is most impressive about Bruce is how he can help create a high-level strategy and then take it all the way down to the tactical efforts needed to get there. His true understanding of how to match the right growth activities with the right business model should have everyone standing in line to work with him. On a personal note, I am incredibly humbled by his commitment to helping women in business succeed and the generosity of time and talents to help us succeed.Heather Holmes, CEO
  • Bruce has been a coach for AIRS and I would highly recommend him. Bruce has great business model and strategic planning skills.Valerie Obenchain, CEO
  • Bruce helped me redevelop my business model. Right from the start he demonstrated expertise. I was consistently impressed with his knowledge and his excellent work characteristics. He was willing to push back, if I was heading in a less than optimal direction, but was also willing to let me work through some of my challenges. He consistently put in extra time and effort into my project and I'm very happy with the result he helped me achieve in clarifying my financial consulting business model.

    I really appreciate the effort and expertise he provided. I highly recommend Bruce for his expert knowledge and enjoyable personal / work style.David Wagstaff, Owner
  • Bruce is a great strategic thinker who was a pleasure to work with. Bruce's intellect and tenacity are a powerful combination, as he can identify and scope out opportunities, as well as he's not hesitant about 'pushing back' or standing firm when he knows the 'right answer' for the organization. I would strongly endorse him for organizations that are looking for someone to look at their business in new ways and to challenge the status quo.Andy Andress, COO
  • Two words to describe Bruce: Most Impressive. Bruce is an intelligent, strategic, highly motivated and superbly results oriented leader. In the past three years which I have had the opportunity to work with Bruce, I have been very impressed by Bruce' ability to stay connected with the macro business, technology and economic trends, to define strategies ensuring sustained relevance of the business given the trends and his ability to lead the execution and deliver sound results.
    Bruce has often been put in very undefined roles which he has had to define and create a new chapter for the business with little or no direction. Examples are Portfolio Management Strategy and Process, Business Model Strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Brand Management, Web Strategy, Product Lifecycle Process, Design Driven Innovation, etc. In all cases, Bruce has delivered superb results and has taken the organization and company performance to a new heightened level. In addition, Bruce is a fantastic, principled, calm, cool and collected leader. He is always demonstrating the willingness to listen and understand before driving to be understood. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Bruce and I would absolutely love having him as a member of my team. He is a world class senior leader and will benefit any company that wants to expand and win globally.Arezou Zarafshan, VP Product Development, Public Company

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